2018-19 Business Partner Registration

The DE-DC-MD (Tri-State) and West Virginia Associations of Student Financial Aid Administrators invite you to become a supporter of our wonderful Associations.  These Associations provide proactive leadership in the Financial Aid Industry by setting new directions for the future by meeting the needs of its members through high quality education and training, promoting our profession, promoting and maintaining membership, and encouraging active participation by all members.

Tri-State and WVASFAA are busy planning events for the membership to take place during the fall and spring. We are asking you to consider supporting Tri-State Association and the WVASFAA in our mission and join us at our combined Annual Conference at the Rocky Gap Casino Resort in Flintstone, MD.

This year’s Conference Committee is preparing a fantastic event that will provide excellent training for all levels of financial aid staff, networking opportunities, and a chance to relax with friends and colleagues. Please plan on joining us!  Your participation and attendance at our conference exposes you to a large portion of the membership. Is there not a better way to reach members of an organization than exhibiting at their annual conference?

We hope you choose to be a Business Partner in support of the Tri-State Association and take advantage of the benefits and options available to you.

2018-2019 Vending Business Partner fee is $1250:

  • One complimentary registration for the Fall Conference per partner fee paid
  • Access to TWO Financial Aid Administrator Associations in ONE great location
  • Exhibit Space at the Annual Conference and TriState’s Spring Workshop (WVASFAA spring conference information and costs will be provided by WVASFAA at a later date)
  • Opportunity to present at the Fall Conference and TriState training events throughout the year (topics and content of presentations to be approved by the PD&T Chair and Co-Chair of the Conference Committee)
  • Verbal recognition at the Fall Conference and Spring Workshops
  • Inclusion of company logo and link on the Tri-State Business Partner webpage on the Tri-State and WVASFAA Association Websites (www.dedcmdasfaa.org, www.wvasfaa.org)
  • Inclusion of company logo in Conference Booklet
  • Inclusion of one promotional flyer/brochure and office supplies at TriState training events as identified and conducted by the training committee throughout the year including the TriState Annual Neophyte workshop.
  • Emailed copy of Fall and Spring attendee conference/workshop listing 2 weeks prior to events

(All Professional Affiliates, or “Business Partners” wishing to be members of TriState and attend conference functions such as sessions and meals must pay the associated fees required, as well as at least Non-Vending Business Partner level. This is for the protection of our Business Partners, as well as TriState. The Executive Board hopes that a majority, if not all, of our Business Partners will continue to be members and attend the conference events and meals).

Registration may be done on either TriState or WVASFAA websites to be an exhibitor/sponsor.

Cancellation Policy:
TriState:  Cancellation of sponsorship prior to October 15, 2018 will result in a refund of sponsorship payment. Cancellation after this date will result in a loss of sponsorship payment.

WVASFAA:  WVASFAA Policy Effective December 10, 2010 – A late fee will be charged for conference registrations submitted 2 weeks prior at the rate of $25 regular members and $50 for associate members and if vendors cancel less than 30 days before conference they forfeit 50% of the vending fee.

Please note, Business Partners will need to pay their individual annual membership fee and individual conference registration fee (unless it is a complimentary registration, as part of your sponsorship level). You must complete the membership application as well as the conference registration forms. All Contributors/Sponsors/Exhibitors wishing to be members of Tri-State and WVASFAA, and attend conference functions or trainings throughout the year must pay the associated fees for those events.

You can complete your membership applications at:

Please complete this form, which will be sent to Beth McSweeney (TriState) and Carla Strawn (WV). We ask you submit payment at your earliest convenience and before the deadline of October 22, 2018.

Exhibitor table space will be assigned based on the arrival of an organization’s payment. Prime space will go to those who respond and pay first.

Information about TriState newsletter deadlines:

THANK YOU in advance for your support of Tri-State and WVASFAA!!!
Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you should have any questions.

Email: leslie.mcsweeney@pnc.com
Phone: 410.491.3759

Email: carla.strawn@pnc.com
Phone: 304.472.4782

  • This is a multi-part form and is not complete until you reach the final invoice page.

  • Need help? Contact support@wvasfaa.org.
NOTE: Please be aware that your unique username and password are linked to both you and your sponsorship.

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