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SUPPORT: You can request support with the website or related information by contacting Please allow 24 hours for a response, Monday through Friday, although in many cases it will be much sooner.

MEMBER SERVICES: If your membership record is incorrect, please contact for assistance.

NAVIGATION: Main index sections of the website are available on the left side of each page. Additional navigation options are listed at the bottom of each page. Visit the sitemap for complete contents.

Links on the webpages, change their color when your mouse hovers over them.

NEW WINDOWS: Links to outside websites and some other pages will open in a new browser window. When you are finished viewing the page, just close that window to return to your original page.

PRINTING: If you want to print a page from the website, it is recommended that you follow these suggestions:
  • Internet Explorer - in the page setup or print options, set the Right and Left Margins to .25"
  • Netscape 7.x and FireFox - under File/Page Setup, check "Shrink to Fit Page Width."
  • Opera - under File/Page Setup, set print to 90%.
PDF: Some of the documents contained on this site are in PDF format. Adobe Acrobat Read required for viewing pdf documents. Click Here to download.

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