BOOM – Building on our Momentum

As I embark on this new adventure (for the 2nd time around) I look forward to keeping the momentum going as I serve as your 2017-18 WVASFAA President. Some of you might say, “What Momentum?” Well, despite our challenges in the state , we continue to serve our students, provide resources, and remove any barriers within our control to provide access.

The momentum created by those who have been a WVASFAA President, served on the Executive Council, served as Committee Chair, volunteered, NASFAA Credential earners and most importantly attended conferences and workshops throughout the state, have all played a role in keeping the association’s momentum going.

As I reflect on our recent celebration of the 50th Anniversary at Canaan Valley, I feel proud and honored to have been in the presence of many WVASFAA Foundation Builders, who came from near and far to celebrate 50 years of WVASFAA. The memories made will live on amongst all of us for many years to come.

We are gearing up for our Fall Conference slated for November 1 – 3, at the Four Points Sheraton in Charleston, WV. I am extremely excited about how the program is coming together. Program Chair Candi Frazier has been working diligently securing speakers and sessions that will definitely peak your interest and James Buchanan is handling the Local Arrangements and charged with making sure no one gets bored in the evenings. Thanks in advance to all involved in making this Conference a Big Success!

Let’s keep the momentum going and come together in November to network with colleagues, learn and share ideas.

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop” – Confucius

JoAnn Ross
WVASFAA President

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