Greetings All!

I look forward to seeing each of you at the WVASFAA Spring Conference at the beautiful Stonewall Resort.  It's unbelievable how time has truly passed by.  It seems like yesterday that I received the gavel from JoAnn and stated my initiatives for my year as the WVASFAA President. 

This has been a remarkable and challenging year, to say the least.  The ability to lead such a wonderful Association has been a great pleasure and honor.    The initiatives for my year as President that were set in motion ranged from being the first Association to combine conferences, the continuation of building our WVASFAA gear, ensuring diversity is at the forefront and stays relevant in our world today, and providing up to date training at our conferences to ensure our membership growth continues.

Let's enjoy a wonderful WVASFAA conference that so many have worked to bring together.  I truly appreciate everyone who assisted in any way and can't wait to see everyone!

Passing the Torch - 2019 Spring Conference Logo

Kind Regards,

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